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Introduction To Skybility HA V2.5
Introduction To Skybility HA V1.2
Skyblity cluster service 1.0

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Skybility HA Service V1.2 EULA
Skybility HA Service V2.5 EULA

  Introduction To Skybility HA V1.2

Along with more and more extensive application with Linux in the enterprise-level environment as server operating system, more and more enterprises structure their application on Linux, while the overwhelming majority of these application are all key application, which will need operation guarantee of 24¡Á7. In order to ensure the high availability of system, at the same time of ensuring the availability of single host with redundancy storage device, network device and uninterruptible power source, we also need to ensure fast and accurate service recovery with mutual backup of dual host or multi-host while the appearance of breakdown of service node.

By force of their leading technology advantages in high-end Linux operating system for years, Skybility Technology releases an outstanding, highly-available cluster software, Skybility HA Service, to meet the growing need of high-availability for users.

While supporting such most of high-availability solution of single host as RAID, UPS, Skybility HA Service, a Linux-based availability cluster solution, can provide a two-node dual host hot backup solution to provide 24¡Á7 service of ensuring the enterprise¡¯s key application. Through Skybility HA Service, you can structure a two-node clustering system, and then any node in the cluster will become the hot backup of another node; at the same time, every node can be applied as normal Linux server. So you will benefit:

Lower total cost

It¡¯s more and more important to guarantee the continual and steady operation, but traditional minicomputer makes ordinary users awed at sight of its high price. Openpower, the 64-bit Linux Intel-based server released by IBM, will become gradually mainstream server of key business and application with its high-efficient performance and low price. Skybility HA Server supports the server of all industrial standards, without the need of expensive top multiprocessor server. This kind of solution with high performance/price ratio and high availability will come into fashion increasingly.
In order to reduce the complexity of the whole system, Skybility HA Service only permits two nodes existing in the same cluster. The hardware configuration of those two nodes needn't be the same, so does the application. For example, a node can offer database service, while another node can offer mail service, which will give the greatest rate of return on investment to you.

Higher availability

Through Skybility HA Service, the high availability of service can be up to 99.999%, which means that down time of a highly-available clustering system with two servers in every year shouldn¡¯t exceed 5 minutes, and all switching process of service backup would be over automatically, without any manual intervention. This will greatly reduce the management cost and the economic loss caused by service trouble.

The hardware of Skybility HA Service clustering in a typical configuration is comprised of two networking servers and a shared storage tank. During the system operation, servers will monitor each other with heartbeat mechanism through client network or exclusive network (matchable), RS232 wire (matchable). When each of the nodes occurs troubles for some reason, no matter the troubles of software and hardware, another node will take over the trouble one from IP address to application to ensure the high availability of whole system. Meanwhile, Skybility HA Service supports the redundant heartbeat route and network communication route to guarantee trouble checking and message transferring safer and more reliable. In addition, combined with system closely, Skybility HA Service provides system-level and hardware-level data protection scheme to ensure that the service data couldn¡¯t be destroyed during the switching.

More intelligent service protection

The treatment of service trouble becomes more humanized, and can be customized according to the need of users. Skybility HA Server supports two highly-available solution: principal and subordinate; mutual backup. Different switching strategy can be applied on different trouble of different service, at the same time, trouble treatment of certain service wouldn¡¯t influence other services.

Simpler maintenance

Skybility HA Service was designed from the ground up to consider the accessibility of installation and configuration of system. System administrators can choose freely on their own terms from local application to java2-based graphical configuration interfaces of applet in long-range browser. Meanwhile, all monitoring and control of system can go on long-rangly and be adapt to various complicated environments.

More perfect application service support

Skybility HA Service provides the agent of many application simultaneously such as Oracle, Lotus Domino, IBM DB2, etc. so as to provide better supports to normal application. Certainly, you can also customize their own application agent through Application Agent API of Skybility HA Service. More abundant configuration templates provided by Skybility HA Service will be easy to user configuration to avoid problems because of wrong configuration. In addition, Skybility HA Service also provides an open user alarm platform, on which users can customize by themselves or adopt our existing solutions to apply the alarm mechanism during service trouble.

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