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Introduction To Skybility HA V2.5
Introduction To Skybility HA V1.2
Skyblity cluster service 1.0

China Meteorological Administration
Ministry of Finance People's Republic of China
Bank of communications
Agricultural Bank of China
Beijing MobileBest Technology Co.,Ltd
ZTE Corporation
National railway bureau
Jiangxi Xinyu Rural Collaboration Bank

Skybility HA Service V1.2 EULA
Skybility HA Service V2.5 EULA

  National railway bureau


¡¡¡¡Trip package management system includes the information collections on the arrival and delivery of the passenger baggage or parcels;receive the parcels arrival information from From remote railway stations and automatically transfer the data to the trip package management system for the distribution; then distributed the forthcoming trip package information to the railway stations where the customer will arrive. In the process of information transmission, we must ensure data accuracy, completeness and immediacy, if necessary, manual check is requested. Passenger luggage, parcels must be marked with the train logo, attributes, driving time, arrival time, location and the basic situation of baggage, such as the addressee information.


¡¡¡¡Railway transport has many malpractice, which restricts the health development of Railway Package transport, such as cargo loss, damage, ultra-time transport, cargo handling pending and other issues. The enhancement of Modern information method makes the manager grasp the information in a more timely, accurate, comprehensive and effective way, meanwhile, all the funcitons could carried out flat-portfolio.The management approach aimed at "integration" is the modern logistics model.

¡¡¡¡Whether traditional railway transport enterprises could complete the transformation to the modern logistics can be judged by ¡°Send the appropriate products in proper time, appropriate cost and way to the appropriate customer.¡±.In order to achieve the requirement, a set of information sytem is requested for the protection. The requirement is stability, security, fault-tolerance capabilities and expand capacity, 24*7 hours consistent running.

Skybility HA Service Solution

¡¡¡¡The Railway Bureau¡¯s package management system selected IBM eServer OpenPower
servers in hardware section,installed Novell's SUSE Linux system.Meanwhile,it
combined Skybility HA to ensure the high availability and reliability and 7*24 hours
running without interruption.

The great effectiveness brought up by the solution

¡¡¡¡Provided that do not adopt Skybility HA, in the course of running the system there will be a variety of service disruption caused by the objective reasons, or the inaccurate information,which is even worse,may lead to the damage or loss of the goods,thereby the efficiency is lower.Using Skybility HA ensures the steady running of the entire system,reduce the cost and finnally prevent the risk from the business aspects.

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