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Introduction To Skybility HA V2.5
Introduction To Skybility HA V1.2
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Ministry of Finance People's Republic of China
Bank of communications
Agricultural Bank of China
Beijing MobileBest Technology Co.,Ltd
ZTE Corporation
National railway bureau
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Skybility HA Service V1.2 EULA
Skybility HA Service V2.5 EULA
  Ministry of Finance People¡¯s Republic of China

¡¡¡¡One of Ministry of Finance¡¯s main function is manage centre public finance payout;make and execute government merger policy; manage the non-tradable foreign exchange and planned internal payment of administration, Institutional Units and social group; make up the expense standard and payout policy which requires the domestic unified regulations on expense and payout standard; make up and execute ¡°Institutional Units Finance Regulations¡±, ¡°Administration Units Finance Regulations¡±; set down basic finance system. Treasury payment is the professional function of Ministry of Finance.


¡¡¡¡Treasury Payment Centre of Ministry of Finance is guided and in charge of Treasury Department, and it is the extension of auditing and supervising finance capital.The main task is: coordinate with Treasury to establish and improve the single account system;take charge in the finance capital auditing ,paying and business accounting; supervise non-tax payment;be responsible for the superivsing and checking,system maintenance,national debt issue and cash management.The Treasury Payment System adopts Skybility HA Service as High Available Support Platform to complete above functions.


¡¡¡¡As The Treasury Payment System demands the 7*24 hours encryption finance transmition with the bank,it makes a strict request on the capacility and high avaliability of background database system. For example, Provided only one database Server is used as background,when the database Sever encounter the problem, Treasury Payment System will not recover the data transimitting with bank in short time, therefore,it will enventually occurs the running fault of the entire system.

Skybility HA Service

¡¡¡¡By lectotyping testing certification,the Treasury Payment System chooses Skybility HA High Available Supporting Platform on the purpose of supporting its background database Server cluster; the database Server Hardware includes four IBM OpenPower720, and its OS System adopts Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9.0 for PPC, while database system chooses Oracle10g newest database; a active-active mode doubleclick High Availability clusters is build up by using Skybility HA Service.

The Achieveness brought up by the Solution

¡¡¡¡Now, Using Skybility HA Service High Availability Support Platform, S could switch the database service into another server in extremely short time,which ensures the data alternation process between Treasury Payment System and bank is safe and reliable.The excellent capability, stabilization and security of the solution is appraised and get a high degree of customer satisfaction, which guarantees the normal business work of Treasury Payment department. Two HA service groups working mode makes it available to monitor the status of each server and backup service to the normal server promptly on the condition that the server or software is in trouble; otherwise, once the fault server is recovered and join the cluster, work server will automatically switch the backuped fault service to the server, which makes a full use of the system operation capacity. Therefore, the equipment cost is reduced and the system capacity is double increased.

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