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Introduction To Skybility HA V2.5
Introduction To Skybility HA V1.2
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Skybility HA Service V1.2 EULA
Skybility HA Service V2.5 EULA
  China Meteorological Administration

¡¡¡¡China Meteorological Administration¡¯s programme to build up Broad Band Communication Network Database Processing System around the country in 2005 adopts Skybility HA Service High available Supporting Software, and applies it on the Meteorology Satellite data collection and processing throughout the headquater and 31 province and city weather bureaus. The system improves and enhances the computer processing capability and in meanwhile it strongly controls the invest cost and insures with providing 7*24 hour running gurantee service.


¡¡¡¡China Meteorological Administration Broad Band Communication Network Database Processing System(hereinafter refered as Data Processing System) is an important component part of China Meteorological Administration Broad Band Communication Network System. Data Processing System assumes the collection, processing, forwarding and storage. The system is made up of hardware system and application software processing system. The Software Platform also includes Linux OS and high avaliable Skybility HA Service software; data processing system is required to possess massive data processing , service capability, high performance of data storage management and high reliable system avaliable capability.


¡¡¡¡As the diversity and complication of data processing, China Meteorological Administration Broad Band Communication Network Database Processing System is required to possess the character of excellent safety, compatibility, continuation and avaliable maintenance; and planned to build up a high reliable, non-sigle-point fault meteorology data service platform by a series of high performance server, massive capabilitydisk array and monitoring server and Skybility HA Service Software.

Skybility HA Service Solution

¡¡¡¡The hardware section of China Meteorological Administration Data Processing System contains two IBM P550 Server and FastT700 fiber storage disk array cabinet, while provinces and cities of the weather bureau adopt two IBM x365 servers and FastT700 fiber storage disk array cabinet. In meanwhile, application system adopts Skybility HA Service high avaliable Software on the purpose of composing high reliable double click backup surroundings. Two IBM x365 servers are running two HA service groups, and one is the backup for the other; what is strongly mentioned,the Skybility HA Service software is researched and developed based on the application requirement of Meteorological Administration, which ensures the system switching speed and reliable function.

The Solution bring great effectiveness

¡¡¡¡As China Meteorological Administration Data Processing System chose Skybility HA Product , it enhances the working effectiveness and shorten the deloy time of the entire system. Using High availability cluster technology, the cost is lower and the computer processing ability is improved and enhanced. In meanwhile, Skybility HA Service possesses the character of excellent expansion. Provided fully reserving the original equipment invest and no extral invest is engaged, Skybility HA Service greatly enhances the computer¡¯s caculation capacity, and finally, improves the process function of the procedure application. The successful perfomance of the project and long-term and steady running of the system both are the evidences that Skybility HA Service technology completely meets the demand of China Meteorological Administration Data Processing System ¡®s design object and actual running.
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