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Introduction To Skybility HA V2.5
Introduction To Skybility HA V1.2
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Skybility HA Service V1.2 EULA
Skybility HA Service V2.5 EULA

  ZTE Corporation

  ZTE Corporation is China's largest telecommunications equipment listing company. In 1985, ZTE set up; In 1997, ZTE A-shares listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange; In December 2004, ZTE successfully listed in Hong Kong as China mainland¨s first A-share company. ZTE is a pioneer of China's telecommunications equipment and service providers; and own wireless products, network products and end-products (cell phones) three product lines. It could provide varieties of telecommunication solutions for the global users and professional, all-day, all-aspects quality service, and gradually get involved in international telecommunications operation. ZTE CDMA, exchange, access, optical transmission, GSM, video, and other diversified products have entered the world more than 50 countries and region¨s market. In 2005, ZTE is the unique IT and Communications enterprise in mainland which was regarded as "Top 100 IT".


  ZTE, the telecommunication equipment manufacture, who provide the operator with services, now is facing increasingly intense international and domestic competition. As Linux has gradually been fully certified as a high security and cost performance operating system platform in telecommunications, it is being massively used in ZTE; while Skybility HA Service, the representatives is also frequently be adopted in ZTE and other operators as a representative of the Linux platform with high availability platform software support is being used in the application system by more and more operators .


  In modern society, users give higher demands on the communications service; the original business has been unable to meet the increasingly demands, therefore providing a variety of professional services have become popular. As ZTE provides more and more types of products and services for the growing customers, it requires a higher standard on the stability, development and security its various application system stability, security and development. Skybility HA Service offers the professional gurantee for the requirements.

Skybility HA Service Solution

  ZTE Corporation selected Skybility HA Service as the high Availability Support platform in the telephone value-added solutions, Dell Poweredge2850 is chose for the hardward solution, while the database used Sybase, and Skybility HA Service ensures the high Availability and Reliability of the solution, protect 7*24 consitently running of the telephone system and was appraised by the operators.

  ZTE Corporation also chose Skybility HA Service as the high availability support platform in the solutions on intergration gateway platform(Shanghai Netcom 3G trial Gateway, Shaanxi Netcom Gateway, Romania Telecom gateways, Iran Telecom Gateway) and media server applications. (telecommunications in Wuhan, Chongqing Telecom, Colombia Emcali Softswitch), and many other applications solutions also selected Skybility HA Service as a high availability system supporting platform.

  ZTE Corporation combined Skybility HA High availability system support platform in the broad band business solutions for operator IT Center (Beijing Netcom \ Tianjin Netcom \ Henan Netcom) ,which gurantees the application system and Oracle database¨s 7*24 uninterrupted work.

  Skybility HA Service with high Cost performance increased the competitiveness for the overall solution to the ZTE Corporation. In the fixed-line telecommunications value-
added business solutions, ZTE chose Skybility HA Service, and passed the operator¨s
test and achieved the system requirements. At the same time, it lowered about 40%

  Skybility HA Service provides the telecommunication system manufactures and operators with a set of high cost performance solutions based on Linux platform, and gurantees the fault tolerant, stability and 24*7 hours uninterruping work. It protected the traditional Unix/Windows application system migration. Skybility HA Service have an excellent competitive advantage in telecommunications systems manufacturers and industry operators and have profound developing prospects.
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