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Introduction To Skybility HA V2.5
Introduction To Skybility HA V1.2
Skyblity cluster service 1.0

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Ministry of Finance People's Republic of China
Bank of communications
Agricultural Bank of China
Beijing MobileBest Technology Co.,Ltd
ZTE Corporation
National railway bureau
Jiangxi Xinyu Rural Collaboration Bank

Skybility HA Service V1.2 EULA
Skybility HA Service V2.5 EULA

  Jiangxi Xinyu Rural Collaboration Bank


  Xinyu rural cooperative banks is the pilot project, its main business includes: intermediate business¨s collection and delivery, the collection of mobile calls, electricity, water, gas and so on, in the meantime, provides data for external operations, such as higher-level management institutions, so 7 * 24 hours high availability is requested.

Hardware Environment
  HP Proliant DL380 * 2,64-bit processor * 2,1 G memory, two pieces of 10K 72.8 G SCSI hard drive, do RAID 0 +1 (launched server and do RAID configuration in controllers), one SCSI card.
  Storage devices:
  HP StorageWorks Modular Smart Array 500 G2, dual SCSI memory, four pieces of 10 K 72.8G drives, RAID 5.

Software Environment
  SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 9.3 + sp3 64-bit em OS
  Skybility HA 1.2
  Mysql 5.0
  customer application procedure

Skybility HA Service Solution

  The platform system is composed of storage equipment, front-end database server and other functions. Database server uses two HP Proliant DL380 servers and installed SLES 9 system. Meanwhile, in order to guarantee its high availability, Skybility HA clustering is adopted to buildup the backup environment. The database server runs MySQL. Front-end server installs SLES9 System, and runs customer application procedure. The storage adopts HP StorageWorks Modular Smart
Array 500 G2.

The great achieveness brought up by the solution

  HP Proliant DL380 server based on Suse Linux OS combined with Skybility HA to ensure high availability and reliability, greatly reduce the pre-input and provide an end-to-end solutions for Xinyu rural Collaboration banks. Compared with similar products, customer¨s overall cost (TCO) is saved up to 70%. The application of Skybility HA Service will enable that MySQL database¨s annual downtime is no more than five minutes, and all the fault recoveries are all done automatically, so that database maintenance and backup work greatly reduced, thereby greatly reduced the economic losses and maintaining labor costs caused by the database fault.

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