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Skybility HA Service V1.2 EULA
Skybility HA Service V2.5 EULA
  Bank of communications

¡¡¡¡Bank of communicationsis one of the China¡¯s early four main banks and note-issuing banks.After re-establishied in 1987, Bank of Communications is opened formally and becomes the first wholly state-owned shareholding commercial bank. As one of the China¡¯s first listing ¡°Five Large¡±important large state-owned commercial banks, Bank of Communications plays an important role on the field of finance development, insurance and promoting the country economic development.Bank of Communications adopts Skybility HA Service High Available Support Platform on serval Linux application system around the headquarter and branches. Bank of Communications is the typical finance enterprise customer who widely use the high Available Products. The following is the concrete application solutions introduction.


¡¡¡¡In order to increase the work effectiveness, improve service mode and welcome the challenge caused by attending WTO, it is essential to establish and execute Bank of Communications¡¯ Core Security System immediately. Ebank Certification Encryption system is one of the ebank core Security System,so a effective and security operation support platform is strongly requested.Bank of Communications Project is facing the pressure of finance international competition, therefore, its core security system-ebank Certification Encryption system chooses the high available Linux OS,While application software system chooses Skybility HA Service as the high Available Support Platform.


¡¡¡¡Ebank service has something related to customer bankroll transfer business, therefore, to guarantee the security of funds and avoid bank risk must be regarded as a basic principle of system foundation. Ebank System must establish a perfect security system on technology and business to ensure the operation security of the customer service center. The entire system technically adopts certification letter authentication to gurantee the legitimacy and uniqueness of customer identity,meanwhile, it also ensures the security, determinacy and anti-denial of operation in ebank; in business, Bank of Communications adopts customer No. verification, transaction signature, enterprise operator¡¯s role division ,business account authority control and such security system;system structure adopts serveral isomeric firewall and precise and perfect security policy; the structure also possess advanced network and system monitoring method to gurantee the saftey running of the entire system. Ebank Certification Encryption System must make sure realization of the above functions in a high capacity and high availability way.

Skybility HA Service Solutions

¡¡¡¡Bank of Communication¡¯s e-banking network authentication encryption system provides the e-banking users and bank operation terminals with services by server and encryption machinesdoes,and does identity authentication and data encryption to enhance the security and reliability of financial transactions;it is an extremely important part of bank business system. With the high available platform security established by Skybility HA Service, e-banking Certification Encryption System realize 7*24 hours running in a method of building up several application service groups which could be the other one¡¯s hot backup. As a result,it reduces the business losses caused by server fault or server itself to the lowest point ,which ensures the entire ebank system running in a steady, saftey and reliable way.

The great achievement brought up by the solution

¡¡¡¡The high reliability and high Availability of Skybility HA Service gurantees the continuity of e-banking Certification Encryption System the Skybility HA Service and continuous and steady running.The performation of the ebank will change the traditional single window service mode and become a new service approach. In the spirit of quality customer service, network systems will meet customers service demand to the highest degree,then makes the bank become an indispensable part for customers. Developing Better development of online banking, banks can fully upgrade the level of service, expanding the financial services channels, the Internet banking system eventually become a profit center banks. Developing ebank business could enhance the service level£¬extend finance service channel, then finally make the ebank system become the profit center of the bank.

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